Mo Moodie Campaign Announcement

For Immediate Release

June 5, 2023

Contact: Taylor Kilmer, Campaign Manager

[email protected]

Former NYPD Officer Mo Moodie Announces Candidacy for Onondaga County Legislature – District 15

Syracuse, N.Y. – Moise “Mo” Moodie of Syracuse has officially begun his campaign for Onondaga County Legislature. After receiving well over the requirements needed, Moodie is running as the only Independent candidate. Moodie, former NYPD officer, entrepreneur, and owner of multiple small businesses, pledges to bring unifying leadership for the District. Through this pledge, Moodie’s campaign will focus on community improvement, and educational and employment opportunities throughout the county. Onondaga County’s 15th Legislative District covers most of the southern and western parts of Syracuse. Onondaga County’s 15th Legislative District will hold an open election, expected on November 7, 2023.

Moise “Mo” Moodie:

“The Onondaga County Legislature has done a great job helping our area prosper, and it must continue. With the resources that they’ve acquired and the preparation that they have done for the county, we can flourish. The People of the 15th District now need someone who understands the financial side of local government, the returns that can be enjoyed, but most of all – understands them.”

“Syracuse is not my home, it’s our home. I don’t win when you lose, we all lose. I can see every bit of success that Syracuse and Onondaga County have made. In my life, I’ve lost everything I owned in a house fire. I did not give up. I picked myself up and rebuilt my life here, in Syracuse. I would be disappointed in myself if I did not try to help, where I know I can.”


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