Mo Moodie

Mo Moodie

Mo Moodie is a politician and candidate for Onondaga County Legislature's 15th District, and he's committed to making a positive impact on the community. As a former NYPD officer, entrepreneur, and small business owner, Mo brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. *** Click HERE ...

Why a Strong Community is Essential for Syracuse's Success

A strong community is essential for the well-being and success of any city, and Syracuse is no exception. A strong community fosters a sense of belonging, creates opportunities for collaboration and growth, and helps to build a foundation of support and resilience.
In Syracuse, a strong community is particularly ...

Mo is community-oriented

Mo's Words

Mo's Words

“Syracuse is not my home, it’s our home. I don’t win when you lose, we all lose. I can see every bit of success that Syracuse …
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  • Black-owned
  • Community improvement
  • Strong communities
  • Equitable opportunities
  • Resilient neighborhoods
  • Public safety

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